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Chemistry Courses: Learn About the Study of Matter

Considering a Chemistry Course? 

If you are fascinated by the study of matter, which is crucial to a majority of developments, a chemistry course may be an ideal course for you. The course will teach you all there is to know about the topic of chemistry, equipping you for a number of impressive careers. The course is most ideal for those with an interest and passion for science. Chemistry courses are currently widely available and the good news is they are available in full-time, part-time and evening class options, making it simple to fit your dream course into your routine.  

About Chemistry 

Chemistry is the study of matter, considered to be anything that has mass and takes up space, and the changes that matter can undergo when it is subject to different conditions and environments. Chemistry looks to comprehend not just the properties of matter, such as composition or mass of a chemical element, but also why and how matter undergoes specific changes – whether something changed because it combined with another substance, froze because it was left in the freezer for two weeks, or changed colours because it was exposed to a lot of sunlight.  

The reason why chemistry touches everything we do is because nearly everything in existence can be broken down into chemical building blocks. The main building blocks in chemistry are chemical elements, which are substances made up of a single atom. Each chemical is unique, consisting of a set number of neutrons, protons and electrons and is identified by a chemical symbol and name, such as ‘C’ for carbon. The elements that scientists have found so far are listed in the periodic table of elements and include both elements discovered in nature such as hydrogen, oxygen and carbon in addition to those that are manmade. 

Is This Course for Me? 

All living things and materials consist of molecules and atoms that are combined together in numerous different ways. Chemistry is the study of these, how they react and form. Life, pharmaceuticals, metabolism, forensic analysis and the development of new energy supplies, medical devices and computer chips: none of these can be entirely developed or understood without chemistry. If this sounds exciting to you, the course may be an ideal choice. 

What Will I Learn? 

You will explore mathematics, chemistry, physical organic and inorganic chemistry, instrumental analysis, the chemistry of materials and spectroscopy. Students will explore element chemistry, states of matter, structures and reactions and aromatics, carbonyls and alkenes. The course will teach you about bonding and quantum mechanics, numerical methods and programming, principles of metabolic pathways and biomolecules. Crystallography, intermediate calculus for scientists, optics and mineralogy and linear algebra will also be covered. Learners will explore molecular biology, quantum physics, physiology and biostatistics. You will learn about analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry and analysis, materials, pharmaceutical chemistry and scientific communication and information literacy skills.  

Career Opportunities 

You can expect to gain employment within the pharmaceutical industry in analytical roles within laboratories on the synthesis, testing and analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical devices and medicines. In addition, in research chemist roles within laboratories in development and research as well as in supervisory and management roles in regulatory affairs, validation and production. The semiconductor and medical device and energy industries also hire numerous materials chemists and graduates can get involved in roles exploring semiconductor processing, air and water quality measurements and raw and effluent materials monitoring. There is also the opportunity to progress by doing a level 8 or level 9 degrees in chemistry or studying courses in related fields of science such as physics and biology.  

If you’re serious about doing a chemistry course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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