Crochet Courses: Learn How to Relieve Stress With Crochet

Considering a Crochet Course? 

If you’re looking to take up a hobby that will give you a creative outlet and a stress release, a crochet course may be an excellent choice for you. Crochet is an excellent alternative to knitting and has become hugely popular with craft. Its relative simplicity and versatility enable crafters to quickly create finished pieces. A crochet course will get you started and well on your way to creating beautiful projects. There are tons of crochet courses available currently and for a variety of levels. Additionally, crochet courses are generally part-time so they can easily fit into your busy schedule.  

About Crochet 

Crochet is a needlework technique that is performed using a crochet hook in addition to fibre or other similar material. Generally, this material is crochet thread or yarn, however, it may also be fabric, twine, wire or other innovative material. The most popular goal in crochet is to complete crochet projects, which are generally objects that are attractive, useful or beneficial in some way or another. Popular projects include baby blankets, afghans, scarves, baby booties, granny squares, hats, purses, shawls, tote bags and others. It is possible to crochet many different kinds of things also, including curtains, socks and jewellery. Additionally, it is possible to crochet various components to use in other items. For instance, crochet edgings and trims are popular projects; you can apply them to knitted items, crocheted items and sewn items, including ready-made store-bought items. For example, you could purchase some towels, pillowcases and socks and add a crocheted edging to each.  

How Does Crochet Differ to Knitting? 

People generally confuse crochet with knitting. The techniques do share some common ground, for instance, both crocheters and knitters use yarn to create their projects. It is possible to create similar kinds of projects with either technique: shawls, hats, afghans, scarves etc. At first glance, you can tell whether a person is crocheting or knitting by looking at the tools they are using. If they are using a hook, they are crocheting. If they are using two pointed needles or a circular knitting needle, they are knitting.  

A Brief History of Crochet 

Having been created as a method for producing a cheap substitute to traditional lace, crochet struggled to shake off its reputation as just an inferior craft. However, that changed when Queen Victoria gave it the royal seal of approval by purchasing crocheted lace made by Irish women who were struggling to make money after the famine. By the end of her reign, much of England was hooked on crochet.  

The twenties and thirties saw crochet move from being a decorative embellishment to a method for producing entire garments. After the war, crochet evolved with the fashions of the day as you could see from the classic fifties’ shapes. The sixties were the decade where the crochet boom really started. Along with the swinging fashions of the age, there was a huge trend for crocheted homeware. Crochet has never really gone away, today, it is a regular feature on the catwalk. 

What Will I Learn? 

You will learn the basics of crocheting, advanced crocheting techniques and how to create some cool crocheting projects. The course will teach you how to hold the hook to reading patterns, how to design crochet pieces and writing patterns. Students will explore how to begin their own crochet business, including the steps necessary for budgeting, writing a business plan and finding your target market.  

Career Opportunities 

After completing your crochet course, you can expect to be able to work in an arts supplier store, become an artist in crochet or teach crochet classes. Additionally, you could start up your own crochet business selling your beautiful garments to the public.  

If you are serious about doing a crochet course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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