Siemens has offered 33 UK university students early career oppertunities

Siemens’ drive to expand the number of women in engineering has continued with a recruitment event to identify future STEM talent.

Female students from throughout the UK visited Siemens’ UK headquarters in Manchester, where they met inspiring female engineers at various stages in their careers.

33 students were fast-tracked for early career opportunities at Siemens’ Digital Industries, Smart Infrastructure, and Mobility divisions, including three-month summer assignments, intern development, and graduate development programs, out of the 42 that attended. Meanwhile, positions with Siemens’ Healthineers, Gamesa, and Energy divisions have been offered to other participants.

Women make up only 24% of the STEM workforce in the UK, and Siemens shows that it is doing its part to close the gender gap by hosting events like this.

Siemens announced earlier this year that by 2025, the company wants to have a 50/50 gender balance in its early career recruitment. According to current statistics, women make up 43% of those enrolled in graduate programs and 36% of those enrolled in apprenticeship programs.

Siemens’ Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Victoria Little, said:

“Social mobility, inclusivity, and diversity are priorities for our business. As a company, we acknowledge that we need to do our bit to empower, inspire and break down some of the stereotypes surrounding a career in STEM.

“While we have run similar kinds of events like this over the years, we’ve never attempted it on such a large scale. This was a real opportunity for Siemens to ramp up recruitment of talented and skillful young women and play a leading role in bridging the gender gap. With more than 30 participants now being considered for internship and graduate positions, it has been a resounding success.”

Senior engineers Sarah Black-Smith, Head of Factory Operations for Siemens Digital Industries, and Faye Bowser, Head of Energy & Performance Services at Siemens plc, shared their inspirational career journeys with participants from universities ranging from Southampton to Glasgow at the Women in Engineering event in Manchester on October 21.

Meanwhile, female engineers from Siemens, including Natalie Gristwood and Kathryn Grimwade from Siemens DI and Sophie Beckingham, Marvellous Nikwocha, Yanely Jimenez, Allegria Bwitonzi, and Kelly Lo from Siemens Mobility, shared their perspectives on what a career in engineering can entail.

Faye Bowser, Head of Siemens plc’s Energy & Performance Services team, reflected on the event, saying:

“It was a delight to be able to meet the fresh wave of young female talent looking to explore a career in engineering, and reflect upon my career so far to inspire this next generation. I remember being there myself, feeling daunted and excited for what the future would be. I felt inspired and energized by seeing this group of gifted young women who I’m sure will go on to achieve wonderful things.

“As a business, we need to proactively keep raising the bar. Currently, only 12% of the UK engineering workforce are women. At a time when we’re facing society’s greatest challenges such as climate change we need to harness diversity-of-thought to become a more inclusive and vibrant workforce fit for the future.”

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