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Adobe Dreamweaver Courses

Considering a course in Adobe Dreamweaver? 

Have you heard about Adobe Dreamweaver and want to learn more about this tool and its abilities to build and design websites? Adobe Dreamweaver is an incredibly flexible website builder with an easy-to-use interface and built-in code editor that allows users to build any kind of website from scratch.

Adobe Dreamweaver is considered a “One Stop Shop” for everything you need to build and design a website. Dreamweaver allows its users to build code and lay it out visually and even has a built-in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client that allows users to easily move their projects from their computer to a live web server and helps to manage all of the files that have been created.

There are easy-to-use Starting Points in a variety of categories that are built into the Adobe Dreamweaver software, but users are also able to edit them and modify them to create their custom starting points. Whether you are a new developer or you have been doing it for a long time it’s always great to have a starting point ready to go as you start a project.

Adobe Dreamweaver has been around for a long time and there is a reason for that, it is a great and innovative tool that is always being updated to keep up with the trends and will never go out of fashion, and the great news is that there are many Adobe Dreamweaver courses currently available for you to get started.

What is Adobe Dreamweaver? 

Adobe Dreamweaver is a software program owned by Adobe that can be installed on a computer and is used to design and build websites and web applications.

Adobe Dreamweaver uses a more traditional approach to website building and design where everything is built and created from scratch on a computer, usually using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) pages and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) files. HTML and CSS are the most commonly used building blocks and tools for website building, and once the design is completed it would be uploaded to a live website or server when it is ready to launch.

Most often in Adobe Dreamweaver work takes place in “Live View” which functions very much like a word processor and allows the user to see the page as they are building it and see what it will look like on the webpage. Live View also allows the user to edit, create and save documents as they build and code.

The “Code View” option allows for access to all of the background code, or “Split View” that allows for both the code and the design to be shown simultaneously.

Dreamweaver has an excellent code editor that is colour coded helping the user to see tags as they are working and includes both a spell checker and a syntax checker which is a game-changer for any coder.

What Will I Learn about Adobe Dreamweaver? 

  • You will learn how to create a website and how to publish it online.
  • You will learn how to plan, design, upload, and test websites.
  • You will learn about HTML and CSS and how a basic interface works and how to create web pages.
  • You will learn about scalable code and how to apply it across multiple pages.
  • You will learn about Dreamweaver-specific tools and options like templates, libraries, and assets that operate with other Adobe products.
  • You will learn about menu commands and dialogue boxes.
  • You will learn about styling a website and inserting images.

Career Opportunities in Adobe Dreamweaver

After completing your course in Adobe Dreamweaver, you can expect to work as a Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Webmaster, or anyone else who has an interest in building and launching websites from scratch.

If you’re serious about doing a course in Adobe Dreamweaver and web design, check out courses in the national course finder.  

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