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Solaris Operating System Courses

Considering a Solaris Operating System Course? 

An operating system is a program that can run and manage other programs. Operating Systems lets a user interact with a computer, together with the operating system and computer hardware form a complete system that determines what a computer can do. The operating system is typically the first program that runs when a computer is turned on, and all other programs are then launched by the operating system.

Solaris is an operating system created to run on Sun Microsystems workstations originally but it can be used on most modern PC’s and is still developed today. Solaris is the best enterprise operating system for Oracle Database and Java applications. The Solaris Operating System is still widely used by many organizations as a legacy operating system which means there is still a need for staff that is familiar with and trained to operate Solaris Operating Systems.

What is Solaris?

Solaris is a UNIX Operating System created by Sun Microsystems and is best known for its scalability or its ability to handle large workloads and continue to operate smoothly across databases, systems, and applications. Solaris Operating Systems are popular with computer programmers because of their advanced security capabilities that can anticipate computer problems through what is known as automated self-healing. Disaster recovery is also an integral part of the Solaris Operating System due to its default file systems.

Developers can use Solaris to test new software and consolidate application workloads that allow other systems to be managed along with Solaris. Solaris has focused enhancements across Computer Processing Units (CPU), memory, file systems, I/O networking, and security and delivers the best database, middleware, and application performance for Oracle workloads.

Sun Microsystems has always emphasized the availability of the Solaris Operating System because it has special features that make it easy to add new capabilities or to fix problems without having to restart the system, it can be upgraded, monitored, and controlled from a remote console and it seldom crashes. Solaris also has a Web server system with an Internet orientated design making it the leading UNIX environment.

What is UNIX?

The UNIX operating system is a multiuser and multiprocessing system. This means it can run several application programs, for more than one user at the same time. UNIX is a powerful and very popular operating system that is widely used in both workstations and servers because it was designed especially to be more portable and multitasking for multiple users. UNIX systems use a centralized operating system kernel that manages system and process activities. A kernel is the core of any computer system and has full control over the performance of the system, having a centralized kernel means a system can run more quickly and more smoothly as it does not require a separate memory space.

UNIX is most widely used in all forms of computing systems such as desktop, laptop, and servers. On UNIX, there is a Graphical user interface similar to Microsoft Windows that supports easy navigation.

Career Opportunities in Solaris

After completing your course in Solaris Operating Systems, you can expect to work as an Operating Systems Specialist, Software Developer, Server Operations Managers, Server Operations Supervisor, Mainframe Operations Manager Client Technologies Manager or Client Technologies Technician.

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