Advanced ECDL Courses: European Computer Driving Licence

Considering an Advanced ECDL Course? 

If you are looking for a way to up your computer skills, an advanced EDCL course may be ideal for you. Advanced ECDL courses are aimed at ECDL certificate holders who want to raise their skill levels to a higher grade involving more complex tasks using the extensive functionality of common applications. The course involves the ability to manipulate and create larger, extended files and it will allow students to bridge the knowledge gap with new skills that increase their level of competency from core to the advanced level. The good news is there are tons of advanced ECDL courses currently available. 

About ECDL 

ECDL stands for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). It is a worldwide recognised computer literacy certification programme. It provides learners with IT abilities and skills necessary to build on existing knowledge, improve their employability in a wide range of industries and fields and motivate further learning. Introduced in 2013, the new ECDL framework is split over three levels, with a total of approximately 18 modules. These include base modules that teach fundamental tech skills, including online and computer essentials, in addition to spreadsheets and word processing.  

Intermediate modules are next, this level has around nine modules to pick from, which teach everything from IT security to databases, to web/image editing and digital marketing. Next up is the advanced modules, which enable learners to build on basic skills, with modules based around spreadsheets, database, word processing, and presentation. Each module counts as its own qualification and while the modules you choose are entirely up to you, there are 3 recommended combinations designed to suit different interests, needs, and skill levels.  

What are the Benefits of an ECDL Qualification? 

More than 14 million people have enrolled on an ECDL course, proving it to be a popular way to develop and gain essential IT skills. If you are wondering whether ECDL is ideal for you, there are a number of key benefits of studying it. It is the world’s leading computer skills programme, it offers a flexible working programme, enabling you to choose the topics suitable to your needs and it requires no previous experience or expertise. Additionally, it is widely recognised by employers and it could open up new opportunities and avenues. 

What Will I Learn? 

You will explore advanced word processing in terms of editing, advanced table options, advanced paragraph formatting, forms, templates and wizards, styles, references, master documents, charts, sharing documents, graphics and objects, mail merge, section breaks, macros and printing. Students will explore advanced spreadsheets, looking at topics such as naming cells, advanced formatting, protecting data, sorting and filtering data, importing and exporting data, structuring workbooks using XML, linking data in spreadsheets, advanced charting features, advanced functions and database functions, pivot tables, auditing and error tapping and macros in excel. The course will teach you about advanced databases in relation to working with tables, queries, forms, table relationships, reports, macros, and access. Advanced presentations will be covered in terms of planning our presentation, adding movies and sound, slide graphics, aligning, distributing and grouping, animations and transitions, charting, animations and transitions, master slides, printing and publishing, and macros in PowerPoint.  

Career Opportunities 

After completing your advanced EDCL course, you can work in a variety of areas. In other words, you can use the course in almost any job. Nowadays, it is regarded as essential, even in the job market, to have a basic understanding of computers and how to use them. One particular area where EDCL is a great benefit is for administrative jobs. This is because most of their work takes place on a computer. In particular, people working in administration use a lot of spreadsheets and word documents and by doing an advanced EDCL course, you can become a master at both. There are many other industries where this course comes in very useful. 

If you’re serious about doing an advanced EDCL course, check out courses near you on the national course finder.  

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