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QuarkXpress Courses: Learn How to Use QuarkXPress

Considering a QuarkXpress Course? 

QuarkXpress courses will show you how to work with the Quark interface, use the toolbox, measurements bar and the various other panels. On the course, you will explore spreads from scratch and edit existing documents. During the course, you will create layouts and documents such as posters, flyers, booklets and stationery. As the course progresses, you will have tons of time to learn the basics of graphic design by working with colour models, typography and general design tips and tricks. If all of this sounds exciting, a QuarkXpress course would be perfect for you. The good news is there are tons of QuarkXpress courses currently available and for a variety of different levels, from beginner to more advanced.  

What is QuarkXpress? 

QuarkXPress is a page layout and graphic design software that allows anyone to create and publish rich, compelling materials for the web, print, tablets, e-readers and other digital media using one simple tool. Its proven professional design features make QuarkXPress the must-have software for agency, in-house and independent designers. It allows you to match your layout with typography which enables you to achieve your design goals effortlessly. You can import and export to all major vector and raster files.  

QuarkXPress allows you to make illustrations, design colour blends with multi-colour gradients, control colour channels and apply non-destructive image editing that allows you to bring your creativity to life. You can create artefacts which can be dramatic or aesthetic to propel your business branding, with superior image editing capabilities. It allows you to create modern, responsive web design where you can effortlessly generate rich digital publications for truly, responsive experience. You can also switch seamlessly and transition your design from digital to print, create mobile apps for Android and iOS which carry the flair of print design.  

Why Should I Learn QuarkXPress? 

Learning QuarkXPress is incredibly helpful for designers working in the digital print industry. It may also be useful for you if you want to create a professional looking brochure, interactive document, manual or a poster for your work or business.  

Who is the Course For? 

The course is ideal for those with little to no experience with the QuarkXPress software. It would benefit people working for just about any business. The courses are suited specifically to designers, marketers, bid writers, educators, content creators and those working in engineering and construction.  

What Will I Learn? 

You will learn how to edit existing documents and create and set up new document including slug, bleeding and margin areas. Students will explore workspace, window menu and tools, colour, swatches and pantones and grids and guides for precise, accurate layouts. The course will teach you about format, layout and design documents and the interactive panel. Learners will explore the measurements bar, how to integrate Microsoft Files and adobe files to QuarkXPress and how to publish to various outputs including PDF, InDesign and Export. 

Career Opportunities 

After completing your QuarkXPress course, you can go on to work as a graphic designer, a publisher in the digital print industry, a marketer, a bid writer or a content creator. You can also use the course to advance your current career.  

Career Progression 

If you completed your QuarkXPress course and really enjoyed it and would like to continue your learning, you could do a variety of courses on different computer software’s. For example, you could do a course in Adobe inDesign, Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Office, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe XD and much more.  

If you’re serious about doing a QuarkXPress course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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