Animal Care Courses: Study Animal Care

Considering an Animal Care Course? 

Interested in doing an animal care course? Animal care courses cover all the necessary topics that you need to know when it comes to your furry friends. If you love animals and generally prefer them over people, this is the course for you. An animal care course can provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge required to work in the animal industry. The good news is there are lots of animal care courses currently available.  

What Will I Learn in an Animal Care Course? 

Each course varies depending on the course provider, however, there are some universal topics you can expect to learn about in any animal care course. Therefore, you can expect to learn about animal anatomy and physiology. In other words, you will explore and gain an understanding of how the different systems operate in a variety of animal species. You will also learn about animal grooming. In other words, you will learn how to groom a pet dog in terms of how to use the correct shampoo, how to brush out and clip the dog. In addition, you will explore the notice signs of health and ill health of the dog’s coat and skin. 

Also, you will explore the topic of animal welfare. In other words, animal behaviour will help students in skill and competence of all aspects of animal welfare. This include domestication of animals and the provisions necessary for the physical and mental wellbeing of both captive and domestic animals. You can also expect to learn about animal behaviour. You will explore how animals have adapted and the purpose of different reproductive strategies and you will learn how to interpret a variety of animal behaviours. In addition, you will explore veterinary assisting skills. In other words, you will learn the practical skills and knowledge necessary for managing animals under supervision in a veterinary environment.  

For example, you will learn about first aid, the care of animals in a veterinary hospital and about the use of preventative healthcare. Also, you will explore the topic of small animal husbandry. In addition, you can expect to study biology in your animal care course. You will explore and develop a greater understanding of living things. In other words, various aspects of the living world, such as, micro-organisms, ecology and genetics will be assessed and investigated. You can also expect that the course will improve your communications and computer skills. Some courses may also require students to do work experience. 

Career Opportunities 

After completing your animal care course, you can seek employment in veterinary clinics, dog grooming salons, pet shops, dog kennels, animal welfare organisations, agricultural, science industries and farms. You can also work in petting farms, zoos, wildlife parks and work self employed as a dog groomer. 

Career Progression 

After completing your animal care course, you should consider doing a third level course in a related field to further enhance your CV. You could do a course in animal science or veterinary nursing. Alternatively, you could do more PLC courses in related fields such as dog grooming, dog training, animal science and much more.  

If you’re serious about doing an animal care course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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