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Farnborough College of Technology Adult Part time and University Open Event

Whether you’re interested in Higher Education or Adult and Part-time courses, join Farnborough College of Technology Adult Part time and University Open Event taking place Wed, 19 Jun 2024 16:00 – 19:30.

Adult Part time and University Open Event

At this in-person open event, you can:

• Explore the college campus and the great facilities on offer

• Chat to experienced lecturers about your course

• Speak to accredited learner services team regarding fees, funding and support

• Get to know what it’s like to be a student at Farnborough College of Technology


For full information, please visit:

• Degrees and Higher Education:

• Adult Education and Part-time Courses:

Key factors to consider when deciding if a part-time course is right for you:

  • Time commitment – Part-time courses require less hours per week but take longer overall to complete. Make sure you can commit to the duration.
  • Work-life balance – The flexibility of part-time study allows you to continue working or manage other responsibilities while studying.
  • Income – Part-time schedules let you continue earning while progressing your education. Weigh loss of potential full-time income.
  • Learning style – Consider if you learn best through intense periods or more incremental, spaced-out lessons.
  • Subject choice – Evaluate if your preferred course or institution offers quality part-time options in your chosen subject.
  • Cost – Part-time courses spread out tuition payments but may cost more overall. Compare total costs.
  • Career impact – Will a part-time course allow you to apply new skills immediately while studying? Or is full-time study preferred by employers?
  • Study location – Part-time courses offer flexibility if you cannot relocate for full-time study.

Assessing your personal situation and weighing pros and cons will determine if part-time or full-time study better fits your needs. Talk to admissions counselors for added insight.

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