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Microsoft SharePoint Server Courses

Considering a Microsoft SharePoint Server Course? 

Microsoft SharePoint is an online platform that creates a common online intranet page collecting news, documents, resources, and lists that can be edited and shared between people and groups within an organization. It is essentially a website that only the approved members of an organization have access to making it a private and secure way to share information between colleagues.

Microsoft SharePoint sites are easy to create and edit, and they’re flexible enough to address a variety of needs making them suitable for small businesses to large organizations. Microsoft is continually working on SharePoint and updating it to keep up with modern trends and needs so employees skilled in SharePoint are always highly sought after.

What is Microsoft SharePoint Server? 

A Microsoft SharePoint site is a site on your organization’s intranet that helps people and teams work together and stay informed. A Microsoft SharePoint server allows for greater control over sensitive information and communications because everything is kept internal.

Microsoft SharePoint is accessible online with a web browser from both Windows and Mac platforms and available in 3 versions. Microsoft SharePoint Online is the most commonly used solution for smaller businesses who want to host intranet sites on Microsoft servers but there are more features available in options like SharePoint Server that allow for more customization. SharePoint App is a free version that allows access to SharePoint sites directly from mobile devices.

A SharePoint Intranet site is made up of several independent categories allocated to collecting news, documents, pages, or anything else you need to share internally within an organization. These categories can also include sub-categories showing other content with dedicated options.

There are two main kinds of sites, Communicate Site or Team site. A Communication site allows a user to publish dynamic content to people within their organization to keep them informed and engaged on topics, events, or projects. A-Team site allows a user to share documents, have conversations with their team, keep track of events and manage tasks. Team sites can be either public or private and used to share information and allow collaborations on projects between specifically approved users on a defined Office 365 group.

What Will I Learn about Microsoft SharePoint Server? 

  • You will learn to build effective SharePoint sites and how to maintain common SharePoint lists and libraries.
  • You will learn about important document security and records with SharePoint Permissions.
  • You will learn how to present data effectively on SharePoint pages.
  • You will learn about the role of the Site Owner and how to add and configure sites.
  • You will learn about customizing SharePoint for specific team needs and how SharePoint Workflows work.
  • You will learn how to create and publish WorkFlows and their actions.
  • You will learn about planning and configuring SharePoint site collections and hub sites.
  • You will learn about configuring external sharing, planning, and configuring managed data.
  • You will learn about managing SharePoint Online search and monitoring and maintaining the SharePoint online service.

Career Opportunities in Microsoft SharePoint Server

After completing your course in Microsoft SharePoint Server, you can expect to work as a SharePoint Administrator or Engineer, SharePoint Developer, Full Stack Developer, SharePoint Specialist, SharePoint Consultant, SharePoint Business Analyst, Project Manager, Program Manager or Scrum Master.

If you’re serious about doing a course in Microsoft SharePoint Server and would like to learn more about other Microsoft products, check out courses in the national course finder.  

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