Professor from the University of Bristol named co-chair of the UK Committee on Research Integrity

Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill and Professor Andrew George MBE have been named to co-chair the new UK Committee on Research Integrity (UK CORI).

Professor Gooberman-Hill and Professor George bring a wealth of expertise to the table, and their complementary visions are likely to enhance UK CORI’s growing role.

“I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Professor George and Professor Gooberman-Hill as the UK CORI co-chairs,” stated UKRI Chief Executive Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser.

“They are exemplary researchers who will bring both energy and wide experience to the role.

“UK CORI is starting as it means to go on: operating as co-chairs sets a great example for the kind of collaborative working through which the research and innovation system thrives.”

Professor Gooberman-Hill is the director of the University of Bristol’s huge interdisciplinary research institute.

She is a trained anthropologist who has developed national and international collaborations that prioritize research integrity, governance, and support for continuous improvement. She was the driving force behind the formation of the UK’s first research integrity committee, and her drive and principled approach have helped UK CORI build a solid basis.

Professor Gooberman-Hill said: “Both Andrew and I believe in the quality, strength and importance of UK research.

“As co-chairs of UK CORI we’re fully committed to supporting research to take pride in its integrity.”

Professor George has extensive leadership and managerial expertise in a variety of industries, and he has led the growth of initiatives in the NHS to improve research transparency and ethics.

During his stint as Deputy Vice Chancellor at Brunel University, he was also in charge of education and international collaborations.

“As co-chairs, our aim is for UK CORI to contribute to a values-based approach to research integrity, and we believe in acknowledging and involving the public as co-owners of research,” Professor George stated.

Professors George and Gooberman-Hill are sharing the position and responsibilities of chair, offering an example of the cooperative and collaborative approach they want UK CORI to pursue across the sector.

However, no two people can have the whole variety of experience that UK CORI will require, therefore the co-chairs are looking forward to continuing the process of recruiting committee members.

The inaugural meeting of the UK CORI is scheduled for late spring 2022.

The UK CORI is an independent committee that was first recommended in a 2018 report by the former House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.

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