Archery Courses: Take Up a Fun Hobby in Archery

Considering an Archery Course? 

If you’ve always been drawn to the idea of learning the skill and practice of using a bow to shoot arrows, the easiest way to learn this skill is by doing an archery course. Archery is an excellent hobby to have that will enable you to get outside, have some fun and relieve stress. It is also a great social activity where you get to meet new people and make friends. There are lots of physical and mental health benefits to taking up archery as a hobby too. There are tons of archery courses currently available for a variety of levels and age groups. 

About Archery 

The word archery derives from the Latin arcus translating to ‘arch’ or ‘bow’. Historically, archery has been used for combat and hunting and was invented in the early Mesolithic periods or late Palaeolithic periods. The oldest signs of archery’s use in Europe date from around 10,000 BC, while in the Middle East and Asia evidence suggests archery originated even earlier. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. A person who participates in archery is generally referred to as an archer. Someone who is fond of the activity or an expert at archery is commonly referred to as a toxophilite which means ‘lover of the bow’ in Ancient Greek.  

As a sport, archery requires skills of control, focus, precision, repetition and determination. It is available to be practiced by all, no matter the gender, age or ability and is a widespread pastime in both developing and developed countries. Archery is commonly in the public eye, both as an important sport on the Olympic programme and thanks to popular culture. Beginning with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, archery was featured in a run of big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, including The Avengers, The Hunger Games and The Hobbit franchises, as well as in small screen productions such as Arrow. 

Health Benefits of Archery 

There are numerous health benefits of archery. For one thing, it is an excellent form of exercise that is accessible to all. In addition, it is great for building up strength and teaches you control and coordination. Not to mention, the skill teaches you patience too and builds your self-confidence. It also improves your ability to socialise with others.  

What Will I Learn? 

You will learn about the history of archery and about the sport in itself in terms of how to play and what the various rules are. Students will also learn the relevant safety rules to ensure no accidents take place and that students know how to avoid them and what to do if they do come about. The course will educate you on the appropriate archery form which includes all the shooting steps in relation to how you stand, how you pull the string, position your body and shoot the arrow.  

If you’re serious about doing an archery course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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