About Fashion Design Courses

Considering a Fashion Design Course? 

If you want to learn more about the world of fashion, it is an excellent idea to do a fashion design course. A fashion design course will suit you up with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to work successfully in the fashion industry. Do you love buying new clothes? Are you amazed by the designs fashion designers come up with? Well, a career as a fashion designer may be perfect for you. The good news is there are tons of fashion design courses currently available. They are also very flexible in that there are options for full-time or part-time learning.  

What Is Fashion Design? 

Fashion design, in simple terms, refers to the art of creating clothing by using a variety of fabrics, colours, trends and styles. This kind of designing is not just restricted to clothing either. It also includes accessories such as handbags, jewellery, footwear and eyewear.  

What Will I Learn? 

The areas of study for fashion design courses will vary depending on the course provider and what exactly the course focuses on. However, there are some universal topics you can expect to learn about in just about any fashion design course. You can expect to learn fundamental skills such as how to choose a concept, how to research that concept, how to develop your idea into a fashion sketch, designs and how to do a collection line up. You will discover how to choose inspiration, develop a personal fashion statement or identity.  

In addition, you will explore how to compile the creative visuals into sketchbooks to inspire new ideas and how to select your colour palette and fabric options. You will also learn how to create a fashion template as a tool to communicate your design ideas and how to develop initial silhouettes, rendering designs. Also, you will explore print and embellishment. In addition, you will learn about textiles and fashion practices and apparel making and pattern cutting. Alongside that, you can expect that doing a fashion design course will enhance your communication and presentation skills. 

Career Opportunities 

After completing your fashion design course, you can work in a variety of roles. You could work as a fashion designer, a fashion illustrator, a fashion stylist and a fashion coordinator. Alternatively, you could work as a fashion consultant, a fashion merchandiser, a fashion buyer and a textile designer. Other options are working as a footwear or jewellery designer, a personal shopper or a fashion journalist or blogger. 

Career Progression 

After finishing your fashion design course, there is always the opportunity to progress. Although, it all depends what level of course you did. For example, if you completed a PLC or diploma in fashion design and found that you really enjoyed it, you should consider doing a level 8 course in fashion design. Doing this will greatly help you in securing more jobs and will enhance your CV.  

If you’re serious about doing a fashion design course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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