Electrical Treatments Courses: Learn About Electrical Treatments

Considering an Electrical Treatment Course? 

If you want to learn electrical treatments or be in a position to add more services to your beauty therapy clinic, an electrical treatment course may be ideal for you. Learning these advanced facial treatments will allow you to improve face and skin conditions using electrical equipment. These treatments are a brilliant alternative for cosmetic surgery for clients. If all of this sounds exciting, you will be pleased to know that there are tons of electrical treatments courses currently available. They are available in full-time and part-time options, making following your dreams that bit easier.  

What are Electrical Treatments? 

Electrical treatments take professional face and body treatments to the deeper layers of skin. There is a wide range of electrical treatments to pick from. Electrical treatments can benefit the skin by improving the way the skin functions and its general appearance, by stimulating cellular activity in the skin and by improving the functioning, tone and appearance of facial muscles so that the face appears more youthful looking. Additionally, electrical treatments relax facial tissues, stimulate cell reproduction, blood circulation, repair and growth, enable deeper penetration of cleansers to decongest and clean the skin and enable the therapist to feed beneficial ingredients into the deeper layers of skin such as hyaluronic acid and collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines or to clear problem skin.  

Types of Electrical Treatments 

As mentioned previously, there are a wide range of electrical treatments to choose from. One of which includes high frequency. This treatment is excellent for blemished, acne and congested skin, but is also great for aging or mature skin as it has a tightening effect on the skin. Galvanic is another kind of electrical treatment on offer. There are two types of it, desincrustation and galvanic iontophoresis. Desincrustation is used for deep cleansing of the skin, as the deeper layers of the skin are penetrated by the use of galvanic desincrustation gels. This helps to unblock and open the pores by removing sebum and exfoliating away dead skin cells and surface debris.  

Galvanic iontophoresis is used for deep feeding of beneficial and specialised ingredients into the skin, using specialised iontophoresis gets that penetrate deeper layers of skin, these special ingredients in gels aid in decongesting and detoxifying the skin. Micro current is another common electrical treatment used and is often referred to as a ‘non-surgical face lift’. The treatment is designed to soften wrinkles and fine lines, lifting and balancing the contours of the face. Vacuum suction is another electrical treatment on offer and is ideal for dark circles and bags, puffiness under the eyes and sluggish skin.  

It improves the lymphatic draining of facial skin and removes the build-up of toxins in the skin enhancing blood circulation, bring oxygenated fresh blood and fresh nutrients to the skin, improving the appearance, resulting in a youthful rosy glow. Microdermabrasion is another electrical treatment you will commonly see available at beauty therapy clinics. It gently removes dead skin cells, stimulating the generation of collagen and new skin cells. The results are brighter skin, reduced pigmentation as well as increased hydration and plumped wrinkles and fine lines.  

Course Content 

You can expect to learn about anatomy and physiology and electrical science in relation to understanding the different kinds of current used in beauty therapy appliances and understanding the safety procedures for the beauty therapy appliances. Students will explore electricity, safety precautions, contraindications, faradic-direct interrupted/surged current and high frequency alternating. The course will teach you how to do galvanic-direct-iontophoresis/desincrustation, microcurrent-modified direct current, vacuum suction, infra-red, steam and brush cleanse, Learners will explore client care and communication in beauty related industries in relation to developing communication skills, dealing with enquiries, retail, consultations, complaints and all kinds of client care. Health and safety practice in the salon will also be covered in terms of awareness of the risks in the workplace, how to identify the risks and take responsibility to deal with them. 

If you’re serious about doing an electrical treatments course, check out courses near you in the Nightcourses.co.uk national course finder.  

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