Evening Classes and Adult Education in Essex

Evening Classes and Adult Education in Essex provide further learning opportunities for residents of the Essex community. Courses provide learning and skills focused on supporting career progression, employability and job skills or to progress to further learning.

Discover a fascinating hobby or interest, develop skills to move on at work, or start training for a whole new career – it is never too late to further your education and there are lots of opportunities to learn and develop your skills.

By taking an Evening Class or Adult Education course in Essex you will:

·         Learn on your doorstep at locations in your community or learn from the comfort of your own home, depending on the class or course you choose.

·         Boost your career with qualifications across a range of professions, increase your knowledge in your current career or start working towards a whole new career – the options are endless!

·         Pick up new talents and meet people in your community with similar interests.

Why study in Essex?

Essex has become famous in recent years for reality TV and partying, but there is so much more to this stunning county. With 350 miles of coastline full of beautiful beaches and seaside towns, there is so much to discover – from Southend on Sea, one of the most famous seaside resort homes to one of the longest piers in the world at 1.34miles.

Essex is full of history, and history buffs will love travelling through time as they start by exploring Roman Britain, and venture through motte-and-bailey Norman keeps, Tudor forts, and finally Victorian country estates and gardens.

The county has several National Trust properties and parks. Colchester, formerly known as ‘Camulodunum’, is the oldest town in the UK and was of great importance during Roman times as it was the first-ever capital of the UK.

Top places to visit in Essex include Colchester Castle, Castle Park, Colchester Zoo, Southend Pier, Saffron Walden, Mersea Island, Waltham Abbey and Clacton-on-Sea.

The Univesity of Essex is an award-winning university in the East of England. Known for their dedication to research quality, forward-thinking students and gold-rated teaching standards

Where can I study in Essex?

  • University of Essex
  • Havering College
  • Writtle College
  • South Essex College
  • Colchester Institute

For a full list of possible classes and courses, you can visit our website and enquire or even book courses that appeal to you.  Visit Whichcollege.ie to search universities, colleges or institutes taking admissions in your area now!

Facts about Essex

·         Way back in the day, Colchester used to be the capital of Britain. When the Romans invaded in AD 43, they set up Colchester (then called Camulodunum) as the capital. However, the town was attacked and destroyed during Boudica’s rebellion in AD 61, so it wasn’t the capital for long. There are old Roman walls in the city that date back nearly 2,000 years.

·         Harwich has a thrilling maritime legacy that recalls legendary privateers like Sir Francis Drake and Martin Frobisher. The Mayflower was launched from Harwich in 1620, and its captain, Christopher Jones was born in the town.

·         Waltham Abbey is also the resting place of King Harold, killed in the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

·         St Andrews in Greenstead is believed to be the oldest wooden church in the world dating all the way back to 1081. That means the church is nearly 1000 years old.

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