Evening Classes and Adult Education in Suffolk

Evening Classes and Adult Education in Suffolk provide further learning opportunities for residents of the Suffolk community. Courses provide learning and skills focused on supporting career progression, employability and job skills or to progress to further learning.

Discover a fascinating hobby or interest, develop skills to move on at work, or start training for a whole new career – it is never too late to further your education and there are lots of opportunities to learn and develop your skills.

By taking an Evening Class or Adult Education course in Suffolk you will:

· Learn on your doorstep at locations in your community or learn from the comfort of your own home, depending on the class or course you choose.

· Boost your career with qualifications across a range of professions, increase your knowledge in your current career or start working towards a whole new career – the options are endless!

· Pick up new talents and meet people in your community with similar interests.

Why study in Suffolk?

Situated on the east coast of England and bordered by 50 miles of stunning coastline, is the county of Suffolk. With castles and cathedrals, malt houses and guildhalls – you will discover a rich heritage across all four corners of the county.

Suffolk has a number of nature reserves, including Bradfield Woods near Bury St Edmunds where you can keep an eye out for emerald damselflies, dormice and great crested newts.

The county of Suffolk is famed for its archaeological finds with artefacts from the Bronze Age being found around the county, including a significant site near Mildenhall. Suffolk is also home to Sutton Hoo, where in 1939 one of the country’s most significant archaeological finds was unearthed in a grassy mound.

Top places to visit in Suffolk include Helmingham Hall, Lavenham Guildhall, House in the Clouds, Bury St Edmunds, Southwold Pier, Newmarket, Kentwell Hall and Landguard Fort.

Known for its hospitable and friendly nature, the University of Suffolk has a growing student community and provides a ‘home away from home’, with a mixture of dynamic urban centres, coastal resorts, and historic market towns. The University of Suffolk provides an ideal base to explore the beautiful surroundings of this exciting county.

Where can I study in Suffolk?

  • University of Suffolk
  • West Suffolk College
  • Suffolk New College
  • East Coast College

For a full list of possible classes and courses, you can visit our website and enquire or even book courses that appeal to you.  Visit Whichcollege.ie to search universities, colleges or institutes taking admissions in your area now!

Facts about Suffolk

· Britain’s smallest pub is in Bury St Edmunds; The Nutshell pub is just 15ft by 7ft and opened its doors in 1867 after having previously been a fruit shop.

· Lowestoft is home to the most easterly point in the UK – with “Ness Point” the first place to view the sunrise in the entire country.

· The “Rendlesham Forest Incident” is one of the most notorious UFO events in England and is sometimes referred to as “Britain’s Roswell”.

· The Suffolk Punch is a breed of horses unique to Suffolk. At risk of going extinct, they’ve been kept safe by the Suffolk Punch Trust, and worth a visit. They are real gentle giants, and very hardworking, so were very popular back in the day.

· Harry Potter was born in Suffolk! Kind of. The village, Lavenham, featured as Harry Potter’s birthplace, Godric’s Hollow in Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2.

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