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Horse Riding Lessons: Learn & Become a Horse Rider

It is an excellent idea to take up horse riding lessons. Horse riding lessons are a great hobby to have that will allow you to escape your mind and relieve stress. In addition, it is a great way to get outside, meet new people and make friends. If you love horses, horse riding lessons are definitely for you. The good news is there are lots of horse-riding lessons currently available. They provide good flexibility and lessons for a variety of levels too.  

What Is Horse Riding 

Horse riding is a very accessible and rewarding activity for all of us, which provides us with the possibility to disconnect from the world, ride on trails and discover landscapes. It also allows us to practice equestrian sports such as jumping, dressage and much more. It rises from the ancient form of humans travelling on the back of a horse.  

Benefits of Horse Riding 

Riding a horse is a pleasant activity that brings many benefits. It is a unique experience that provides riders with both psychological and physical benefits. The physical benefits of horse riding are that muscle tone improves, mainly of the back, buttocks, legs and abdomen, sense of balance is strengthened and muscle tensions are dissolved. In addition, the upper body is straight and leads to a correct body posture, particularly, the back, shoulders and chest area are improvement, gross and fine motor skills as well as reflexes are improved by switching between gaits and body posture in general is improves.  

The psychological benefits of horse riding are that horse riding improves our confidence, the control over our emotions and our self-esteem when we achieve to control a horse through aids. In addition, keeping a horse under control improves our concentration, memory and attention span and being responsible for a horse reinforces feelings such as responsibility and respect. Also, riding helps us to overcome our fears and solve problems. In other words, the better we ride, the better we can deal with conflicts. Other benefits of horse riding are giving your mind a mental break, relieving stress and meeting new people. 

What Will I Learn? 

Horse riding lessons vary depending on the teacher and what level the lessons are. However, there are some universal topics, you can expect to learn about in any horse riding lessons. Therefore, you can expect to learn flatwork, jumping, lunging and dressage. In addition, you will explore cross country, long-lining and ground work. Also, you will learn about self-confidence, personal responsibility, boundary setting and teamwork.  

Finally, you will learn communications, problem-solving and leadership skills from your horse riding lessons. Some lessons may cover more than you read here. If you would like an exact list of topics, do not hesitate to get in touch with the teacher of the lessons. They will be delighted to hear that you are interested in taking their lessons and happy to help you answer any questions.  

If you’re serious about doing horse riding lessons, check out lessons near you in the national course finder.  

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