Bridal Makeup Courses: Learn How to do Bridal Makeup

Considering a Bridal Makeup Course? 

If you want to learn how to do your own makeup for the big day or simply want to improve your makeup skills to cater for brides also, a bridal makeup course may be ideal for you. A bridal makeup course is an essential course for makeup artists to help develop their own bridal business, giving them the confidence that they require to succeed within the bridal market. The bridal makeup course is perfect for people with previous make up training looking to develop their skills, in particular the occasion and bridal make up industry. The good news is there are tons of bridal makeup courses currently available. 

Brief History of Makeup Artistry 

Over centuries to follow, makeup was considered a luxury that the royal and wealthy used to accentuate their features. From Victorian women using toxic deadly nightshade to enlarge their eyes to the Romans using chalk to whiten their faces, the true makeup artists were the servants to the wealthy, the wealthy themselves and the theatre actors that did their own makeup. The twentieth century was when makeup artistry began to explode and make leaps in its development and in its reputation as a profession. This can be attributed to a number of different areas that were also advanced during this century such as fashion, cinema and most importantly feminism.  

In the 1920s, cinema was all the rage and makeup artists were needed to paint the actresses’ and actor’s faces. The 1920’s was also when fashion shows became mainstream and makeup artists were hired to do the model’s makeup. Now, makeup is not just for actors, actresses or models, regular people use makeup too on a daily basis. Therefore, everyone looks for their makeup to be done for special occasions. The love to get makeup done and to do people’s makeup has accelerated by the rise of beauty influencers in the 21st century. People watch and pay attention to these influencers and they instil in them a passion. A lot of people have decided to become makeup artists as a result of watching and loving beauty influencers. 

Course Content 

The bridal makeup course curriculum highlights the importance of makeup skill building, through a clearly defined lesson plan, keeping up to date with the ever-changing industry. The course is technique based and fine tunes student’s applications with relation to colour theory, colour matching, trouble shooting, working on different skin types and age groups, working on different eye shapes, blending, liner techniques, lash application, brow shaping, contour and highlighting techniques. You will learn how to translate your makeup for more advanced camera systems, as well as tips to make the makeup waterproof and last longer. Pricing, group bookings, kits, timings and other practical elements of being a salon based or freelance makeup artist will also be discussed. Most courses will cover a number of universal bridal makeup looks. These include natural bride/mature skin, vintage bride, smoky bride, bridesmaid makeup and occasion makeup applications.  

If you’re serious about doing a bridal makeup course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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