Hairdressing and Hairstyling Courses: Become a Hairdresser or Hairstylist

Considering a Hairdressing and Hairstyling Course? 

If you want to learn to become a hairdresser or a hairstylist, a hairdressing and hairstyling course may be an excellent choice for you. The course will teach you all you need to know about cutting and styling hair to perfection. It can be a very rewarding career path as you get to make people feel happier since they are getting pampered. The good news is there are so many hairdressing and hairstyling courses currently available. They offer good flexibility too for those balancing work and study. Hairdressing and hairstyling courses are available in full-time, part-time and evening class options, in person and online.  

A Brief History of Hairdressing 

Hairdressing, health and beauty has been inextricably linked since the dawn of civilisation. Physical and mental health is the basis on which humans apply their makeup and arrange their hair to enhance their appearance and look attraction. The definition of beauty if ever changing with the times and with individuals, but the wish to look attractive and beautiful never changes. Throughout history, societies have discovered ways to cut or confine the hair so it is not in the way. Wigs have figured into the realm of beauty including the roman matrons ornately curled, blond wigs, the extreme wigs of the 17th century and the black lacquered wigs of Japanese geishas.  

Shaving the head has often been a sign of significance. Buddhist monks and Christians shaved their heads to indicate their renunciation of the world. Muslim men left a single long lock on their shaved heads so that Allah could pull them up to heaven. Hairdressing also proclaimed various other life situations. Ancient Greek boys cut their hair and when Hindu boys reached adolescence, they shaved their heads. In medieval Europe, the unmarried women did not cover their flowing hair, however, after marriage, they bounded it under veils. Ancient Egyptians grew their hair long as a sign of mourning and on the other hand, Hindu widows cut their hair as a sign of mourning.  

What Will I Learn? 

You can expect to learn how to prepare clients for salon services, how to co-ordinate salon services and remove chemicals from the hair. In addition, you will learn how to make client appointments and about keeping client schedules. You will also learn how to sell products and services, the various diagnoses of client hair and scalp conditions and how to treat the hair and scalp. You will learn how to efficiently wash and cut the hair through various techniques. Not to mention, you will explore how to dress and style the hair. Also, you will learn how to do chemical services on the hair such as permanent waves and how to colour hair. You will learn about salon team coordination, how to maintain an efficient and clean workplace and how to communicate in the workplace. 

If you’re serious about doing a hairdressing and hairstyling course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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