Nail Technician Courses: Become a Pro at Nail Treatments

Considering a Nail Technician Course? 

Have you got a passion for nails? Are you fascinated by the latest trends and technologies in the nail industry? Can you see yourself working as a Nail Technician in a dynamic and thriving profession? Perhaps a nail technician course would be the perfect choice for you. Students of nail technician courses will learn the skills and knowledge required to work as a nail technician. The good news is there are tons of nail technician courses currently available and they are offered in part-time and full-time options, making it simple to fit your dream course into your schedule.  

What Does a Nail Technician Do? 

Nail technicians look after, shape and decorate people’s finger nails and toe nails. You will be using a wide range of techniques to give people manicures, pedicures, nail extensions and gel nails. You may be working directly for a salon, or be self-employed, running your own nail business. You will require good communication skills as you will be coping with a wide range of clients. If working as a self-employed nail technician, you will require good business skills also. It can be a great career choice because it is a creative escape, your clients become good friends and it can be like getting paid for doing your hobby.  

A Brief History of Nail Technology 

Taking care of your nails shows that you take care of your appearance and yourself. This is precisely why people have been maintaining well-kept nails for more than 5,000 years. In 3000 BC, in China, nail colour was used to reflect social class; the royalty used red and those who wished to convey their power and authority used black. In the 1700s, King Louis XVI wore silver and gold manicure sets and in the 1800s, the first nail care line manicure sets were invented and used across American salons. The 1900s saw the invention of liquid nail polish, the half-moon manicure and the French manicure. Fast forward to modern day nail technology and ‘nail art’ is exceeding the boundaries of creativity with social media websites such as Pinterest and YouTube giving people the freedom to show off their unique talents. Nail technology is not a fad and it never will be. The beauty industry is ever-growing, Britain’s beauty industry is worth £13 billion.  

What Will I Learn? 

A nail technician course will prepare you for a professional career as a nail technician. That means that you will learn how to run a business, navigate pricing structures and what to do to promote your business and career. Students will learn how to use nail products safely, hygiene, sterilisation and tools of the trade. Client consultation, preparing the nail, adhesives and applying plastic tips will also be covered. Learners will explore problem nail shapes and how to correct them, product application, sculptured nails, natural nail overlay and maintaining and removing artificial nails. You will learn about infills and rebalance, pricing structures, career routes and how to start and promote your own services. Most courses will also supply you with your own kit.  

Career Opportunities 

After completing your nail technician course, you will have a range of professional qualifications within the industry that will make sure you are widely sought after within this profession. You can pursue careers in a wide range of areas including, nail bars, beauty therapy salons, cruise ships, care homes, spas, hotels and training. You can also set up your own business and work as a freelance nail technician.  

If you’re serious about doing a nail technician course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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