Indian Head Massage Courses

Considering an Indian Head Massage Course? 

If you want to learn how to do Indian head massage, the best way to do so is by doing an Indian head massage course. An Indian head massage course will teach you everything you need to know to work as an Indian head massage therapist. Massage has numerous benefits for physical and mental health. It is also a very rewarding job as you get to help people to find ultimate relaxation. The good news is there are tons of Indian head massage courses currently available.

What Is Indian Head Massage? 

Indian head massage, put simply, is a relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage to release stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. The aim with Indian head massage is to rebalance the body’s energies. 

The Benefits of Indian Head Massage 

There are so many benefits of Indian head massage, too many to write here. So, here are a few important benefits of Indian head massage that deserve mentioning. Indian head massage promotes hair growth.  

It does this by increasing oxygen in the hair follicles which stimulates growth and health. This form of massage also helps in preventing migraines and headaches. It does this by releasing build-up tension in the head and neck area and relieving muscle stiffness.  

Indian head massage balances and renews energy levels by working with the three higher chakras. It also works in relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression through relaxation.  

Indian head massage increases memory capabilities by relieving stress and silencing the mind. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage. It does this by circulating blood to the neck area. Indian head massage also improves circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid. 

What Will I Learn? 

Although each Indian head massage course is different in terms of what modules they teach, there are some topic you can expect to learn in every Indian head massage course. Therefore, you can expect to learn about health, hygiene and safety, consultation techniques, contraindications and the benefits and the history of Indian head massage.  

In addition, you can expect to learn about the physical effects of the treatment, massage mediums and massage movements. You will also learn the practical tuition on performing Indian head massage, learning how to massage the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, scalp and face.  

Finally, you can expect to learn the appropriate aftercare advice to give to clients. Some courses may cover more than is written here. If you would like an exact list of modules, reach out to your course provider.  

Career Progression 

If you find after you complete your Indian head massage course that you enjoyed it, you should consider undertaking other courses in related fields. This will help to greatly enhance your CV and further open up your career opportunities.  

If you’re serious about doing an Indian head massage course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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