Teeth Whitening Courses: Learn Teeth Whitening

Considering a Teeth Whitening Course? 

Would you like to increase people’s confidence by helping them achieve pearly whites by doing a teeth whitening course? Many people are insecure about their teeth and you could play a role in helping them regain their confidence back. A teeth whitening course will provide you with all the know how on teeth so that you can do exactly that. If all of this has you pumped up, a career providing a tooth whitening service may be ideal for you. You should always consider doing a course to ensure that you are doing the treatment correctly and that you are fulfilling client satisfaction. The good news is there are tons of teeth whitening courses currently available.  

A Brief History of Teeth Whitening 

The practice of teeth whitening dates back to around 4,000 years ago with the Ancient Egyptians. They created their own whitening paste using a ground pumice stone mixed in wine vinegar. White teeth were a mark of beauty and also a sign of wealth. The Ancient Romans whitened their teeth using urine, yes you read that one right. The ammonia in urine was the bleaching agent. During the 17th century, people relied on their barbers for the care of both their hair and their teeth. The barber would file down the teeth and apply an acid that would whiten the teeth.  

Whilst the practice made teeth whiter, it eroded tooth enamel and led to decay. The effects of fluoride were uncovered in the early 19th century, when dentists discovered that patients exposed to the chemicals in food and water had cavity-free teeth. However, it was also uncovered that too much fluoride can stain teeth. Fast forward to the 20th century and tooth-whitening products have become widely popular. Results from these treatments are perfect for our culture of ‘instant gratification’ with many techniques producing a difference in as little as two weeks.  

What Will I Learn? 

Each tooth whitening course varies depending on the course provider, however, there are some topics you can expect to learn about in each tooth whitening course. Therefore, you can expect to learn about the science of a tooth, the science behind why your teeth get stained and the science of how the bleaching process works. In addition, you can expect to learn about existing dental work, about gum disease and about legal requirements.  

You can also expect to explore how to educate your clients, how to navigate the consent forms and gain practical experience of teeth whitening. Some tooth whitening courses may cover more than you read here. You can expect to learn everything about teeth and how to perfectly whiten them. If you would like an exact list of topics, do not hesitate to contact your course provider. They will be delighted to hear you are interested in the course and happy to answer any of your questions.  

If you’re serious about doing one of the many teeth whitening courses, check out courses near you in the Nightcourses.co.uk national course finder.  

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