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Want to Learn Japanese? 

Learning Japanese is a great idea because learning an additional language has numerous benefits for the mind. Plus, you can easily learn Japanese through the many Japanese language courses currently available. Learning an additional language can also help you advance in your career and you get to meet new people and in turn, make new friends. The good news is there are lots of Japanese language courses currently available. They offer both online and in-person options too making learning Japanese very flexible.  

About Japanese 

Japanese is one of the world’s major languages, with over 127 million speakers in the early 21st century. It is one of the most fast-paced spoken languages in the world. The speakers of any language have their own accents, personalities and dialects that affect how quickly they speak. However, for Japan, they have a spoken syllable rate of nearly eight syllables per second. The Japanese language also boasts a specific alphabet system for writing foreign words. Many words in Japanese are adopted and ‘Japanified’ into the language. This makes it easier for Japanese people to say them. The Japanese alphabet, for those who have not seen it, looks like this 片仮名. There is no denying the uniqueness of the Japanese language.  

The Benefits of Learning Another Language 

It is essential to highlight that there are many benefits to learning an additional language. To name a few, it boosts brain power, improves memory, sharpens the mind, enhances your ability to multi-task and keeps your mind sharper for longer. In addition, it enhances decision-making, improves your first language and improves your performance in various other academic areas. In addition, learning another language will help you to advance your career. This is because employers value employees who have gone to the effort of learning another language, particularly if they are doing business in that country. If they are doing business in that country, they will value you even more because they will view you as the person who can communicate with the people of that country.  

Why Study Japanese?

Learning the Japanese language will help you to understand the Japanese culture. The Japanese culture is incredibly unique as it is a combination of modern and traditional practices. Generally, the social conducts are not something that you will see in the west. Their cultural traditions are ingrained in the people, old and young, and these traditions dictate the way they react, behave and interact.

These are also manifested in the way they read, hear, write and talk. The younger generation could exhibit very modern behaviours, dress and talk differently but they do still follow traditions their elders have taught them. Understanding the Japanese language will open up the student’s eyes to Japanese martial arts, entertainment, history, fashion and culture.

Additionally, learning Japanese is your gateway to more Asian languages and cultures. Other Asian nations such as China, India and Korea influence over Japanese history. However, the Asian cultures do differ but they also share some similarities which you will be able to recognise when you study the language. It will similarly help you to learn other languages in Asia as the languages have characteristics in common also.

What Will I Learn? 

Each Japanese language course will vary depending on the teacher of the course and the level of the course. However, there are some topics you can expect to learn in just about any Japanese language course. Therefore, you can expect to be provided with an introduction to the Japanese language in terms of the characters, pronunciation and much more. You will also learn basic conversational skills such as greetings, how to order food and hold a conversation in Japanese.  

In addition, you will learn the basic vocabulary and grammar that is essential for basic conversation skills and about Japanese culture through everyday expressions. You can expect to come out of the course confident in your ability to speak Japanese. Some courses may cover more than you read here. If you would like an exact list of topics, do not hesitate to get in touch with your course provider. They will be delighted to hear you are interested in the course and happy to help you answer your burning questions.  

If you’re serious about learning Japanese, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  

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