Learn Romanian: Do a Romanian Language Course

Want to Learn Romanian? 

It’s a great idea to learn Romanian. This is because learning an additional language has numerous benefits for your mind and career development. Not to mention, it deepens your connection with different cultures. It is a great way to meet new people and make new friends too. Learning Romanian will also allow you to escape your mind and work life since you are focusing your energies on learning a new skill and that skill requires a lot of concentration. The good news is there are plenty of Romanian language courses currently available. They are very flexible too for those of us leading such busy lives. They offer both part-time and full-time options, in person and online.  

About Romanian 

Romanian is a romance language and has Slavic roots. Romanian is the official language in Romania as well as in the Republic of Moldova. The language is 17,000 years old and started forming at the beginning of the of the second century when the Romans conquered the territory of Dacia, located in the territory that would become Romania. Romania is the only romance language that prevailed in Eastern Europe. Another interesting fact is that you can understand Romanian very easily if you understand other romance language.  

About Romania

Romania is a country of southeastern Europe. The national capital of Romania is Bucharest. The Romanian landscape is around one-third mountainous and one-third forested, with the remainder made up of plains and hills. The climate is temperate, marked by the four distinct seasons. Romania enjoys a considerable wealth of resources too: pastures for livestock; fertile land for agriculture; petroleum reserves; forests that provide hard and soft woods; metals; including silver and gold in the Apuseni Mountains; many rivers that suppy hydroelectricity; and a Black Sea coastline that is the site of both resorts and ports.

The Benefits of Learning Another Language 

There are numerous benefits to learning another language. The main one being that you can connect more with locals of that country when you can speak their language and they will respect you more for being able to do so. Learning another language also greatly helps brain development, improves your memory, enhances your decision-making skills and your multitasking skills. In addition, it will help your career development. In other words, employers value employees who can speak another language. They particularly do if they operate in the country you can speak the language for. In other words, they will be delighted to know that they are hiring someone who can speak to the customers and suppliers in that country. It will also feed your brain and help you concentrate. These are just some of the benefits of learning an additional language, however, there are many more.  

What Will I Learn? 

Each course varies depending on the course provider and the level of the course, however, there are some topics you can expect to explore in just about any Romanian language course.  Therefore, you can expect to learn how to say common words and phrases in Romanian. You will also be able to start a conversation, talk about yourself, your family and ask about other people and introduce other people. You will also learn how to count, the time, the days of the week and colours. In addition, you will learn how to get a taxi, book a hotel and talk to a waiter in a café or restaurant which is helpful for those wishing to travel to Romania after their Romanian language course. Finally, you will explore Romanian culture.  

If you’re serious about learning Romanian, check out courses near you in the Nightcourses.co.uk national course finder.  

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