What happens if I miss the deadline for my UCAS application?

If you want to attend university next year, you only have a few months to submit your application.

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is accepting applications for most undergraduate programmes beginning in September 2022 until 6 p.m. today (January 26).

It’s certainly a crucial day for students looking to further their education in the following year – but does missing the application deadline mean you’re out of the running for a university spot?

If your UCAS application is too late, here’s what you should do…

What happens if I don’t submit my UCAS application before the deadline?
There is still time to submit your UCAS application before the majority of degrees begin in September 2022, but don’t wait too long.

The January 26 deadline is known as the ‘equal consideration’ deadline, which indicates that all applications received by this date must be given equal attention by all universities.’

‘Universities and institutions are not required to accept applications sent after the deadline, but they may do so if vacancies remain after on-time applications have been considered,’ according to UCAS.

If you miss the January deadline, the next deadline is June 30 at 6 p.m., which is the final deadline for late applications.

You can apply after January 26th to meet this need, but the sooner you apply, the greater your chances of getting the course you want.

Universities can begin awarding spots as early as January 26, which means that if you apply late, you may find that some courses have already filled up, as it is essentially first-come, first-served.

If you leave it until after June 30, you’ll be subjected to ‘clearing,’ which is the process of filling any gaps they’ve left.

In September, the deadline for starting the clearing process will be reached.

It’s worth noting that this deadline does not apply to all universities or degrees; in fact, the deadline in certain situations has already past.

The deadline for applying to Oxford and Cambridge – or for programmes in medicine, veterinary science, or dentistry – was October 15, 2021.

What must be completed by the UCAS deadlines?

You must complete the following activities on UCAS in order to apply:

  • Fill in your details, qualifications and course choices
  • Write a personal statement
  • Include your reference and pay your application fee

‘Student finance arrangements imply that once offers are made and places fill up, some courses may only have vacancies for students from certain areas,’ according to the UCAS website.

‘It is also critical that you apply for your desired courses by the above-mentioned dates, as not all courses will have enough spaces for all students.’

Through the UCAS Hub, you can apply to the university of your choosing.


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